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Murasaki is more than a game developer; We are visionaries in the ever-evolving digital realm. With a stronghold in the blockchain and Web3 domain, our palette is diverse, ranging from groundbreaking games to intricate NFT artworks and animations. Dive into our world, where every pixel tells a story and every project becomes a legacy.


Game Development

We are a developer of a mobile-optimized blockchain game Cyberstella
From concept to launch, our veteran game developers with 15+ years of experience design immersive gaming experiences that captivate audiences.

Creative Studio

Teaming up with authentic Japanese masterminds, we craft vivid animations, manga, and illustrations, all while offering full English support and seamless operations.

Web3 Consulting

Guiding you through the digital future with expert insights into blockchain and decentralized technologies.

NFT Collection

Our profound connections to authentic Japanese artists also allows us to elegantly transform distinctive digital art concepts into esteemed, tradable NFT assets.

Marketing and Community Building Support

Specializing in Asian market outreach, we amplify brands and forge strong community ties.

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team members

Shinnosuke Murata

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Studied at York University UK after he started his business career by starting a start-up in the fresh foods industry. Upon graduating from the university, Shinnosuke entered Mitsui & Co. Ltd., where he was involved in trading business in Malaysia, Venezuela, and Bolivia. He worked as an executive member at a start-up called Jiraffe and also started several start-ups himself. Former COO of a Belgian football club, Sint-Truiden VV, where he became the first Japanese business person to introduce a token mechanism to a sports club.

Shunsuke Sasaki

Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and CPO of Murasaki. As a CPO of Murasaki, Shunsuke oversees the product development. Shunsuke started his career as a software engineer and boasts 15+ years of game and product development. He founded Pokelabo Inc., which was later acquired by GREE. He was also a chief project officer at IRIAM, which was acquired by DeNA in 2021.

John Todorovski

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
In charge of financial, legal and corporational management at Murasaki. John has over 30 years of business experience in leading companies in Europe including advisory roles at Citigroup, Mastercard, Shell, Deloitte, ING Bank and ABN Amro Bank NV.


Community Manager


Business Director


Lead Engineer


Game Director

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