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Space Opera with  Romanticism

Space opera with romanticism.
A mixture of a new-retro taste of Western Frontier spirit and the Age of Discovery.
Between a broken, corrupt society and forced human labour, Earth is far from what we used to know. Prepare to leave everything behind as you embark into the unknown to start a new society worth living in. Players must be both resourceful and strategic in order to survive. The real question is...will things be any different?

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Key Features

Idle Game

Send crews across the galaxy. Master a strategy to maximize rewards and open up a new world of space travel.

Craft, Burn, Merge

Craft new items from materials. Burn two crew members to create
a rarer NFT with higher stats. Master a strategy to maximize rewards

Explore, Scout, Jobs

Explore to find new materials or treasure. Scout and seek out new crew members. Embark on missions for token and NFT prizes.


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In the year 2222, humanity has reached for the stars in a way no one previously thought possible. Faster-than-light space travel has been democratized to the point that almost anyone can afford it. But history is doomed to repeat itself, and economic slavery is perpetuated by The Guild, a collective of traders and mercenaries who control the flow of resources — including human workers. Few strike out on their own however, and open up a new world of planetary exploration which sustains livelihoods outside of the authoritarian grasp of those who seek to control the interstellar colonies.
Strengthen your crew to increase success rates for exploration, scouting and missions as well as form a formidable team to take on other players in PvP. Crew members can further be burned to create new, rarer NFTs.
Join our community and take part in the Pioneers Program; those who are active, helpful and loyal in the official Cyberstella Discord will see their rank ascend. The first tier is Wanderer, and this goes all the way to Pioneer. Each rank confers special benefits, including a whitelist spot.
To mint, players just need to purchase a Stella Package of either Bronze, Silver or Gold and will gain three NFT crew members as well as $STL and $UCC tokens.

Two NFTs from the same crew can be merged together to create a new NFT, thereby burning the original pair. Be wary of undertaking risky missions, because unsuccessful jobs can lead to crew members being burned and lost to the universe forever. PvP also carries high stakes with the risk of losing crew members in battle.

Participants in the Cyberstella community will be able to offer suggestions and vote on various storylines involving crew member characters.

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